Who is Young GRAPPA?

With Young-GRAPPA (Y-GRAPPA), GRAPPA initiated a networking space for young clinicians and early-career researchers from across the globe, in addition to foster collaboration opportunities with senior GRAPPA members. Members of Y-GRAPPA are also called Y-GRAPPiAns.

Y-GRAPPA aims to attract younger researchers and those who are not yet well established in the fields of psoriasis (PsO) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in order to familiarize them with GRAPPA procedures and projects and lead to their eventual involvement and contribution. Y-GRAPPA members may also initiate their own projects under the umbrella of GRAPPA. An additional goal is to boost networking between Y-GRAPPA members to expand the global network of GRAPPA beyond the status quo.

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Structure of Young-GRAPPiAns:

All Early Career Members are invited to join Young GRAPPA.

This is a great opportunity for emerging leaders to find an active role within GRAPPA.

  • Open to all Early Career Members
  • Within the group, CoChairs will be appointed to lead the group (while an international and geographical representation within the Young-GRAPPiAns leadership will be taken into account)
  • The CoChairs may be invited to attend Steering Committee meetings, leading and coordinating the different Young-GRAPPiAns activities and will liaise with the representatives on the GRAPPA committees.
  • Young-GRAPPiAns may invite or nominate members to represent Young-GRAPPA on each of the existing GRAPPA committees
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YGRAPPA provides opportunities for career growth.

Ultimately, this initiative will support the enrichment, expansion and dissemination of the numerous efforts supported by GRAPPA.

Age Requirement

≤40 years of age OR within 5 years after finishing their fellowship/training.

Member Eligibility

Open to full GRAPPA members who fulfill the criteria above or Early Career Members.

Definition of Early Career Members:

Early Career Members are invited but not required to join YGRAPPA.


Do not have vote for GRAPPA elections.


Membership granted for 3 years with opportunity to renew or apply for full membership after this.

How to Apply

Apply for Early Career Membership under the Membership tab/GRAPPA Early Career Membership.


Eligibility for Early Career membership:

GRAPPA is a great place to meet mentors, find project support, and become involved even as an Early Career Member.

Interest Requirement

Interest in psoriasis or PsA.

Nomination Requirement

Nomination by one Full GRAPPA member (e.g. supervisor).

CV Requirement

Potential member to submit a CV.

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Advice for Young GRAPPiAns

Thoughts about Y-GRAPPA

Member and Leadership Journeys

Full Interviews

Grow your career and your network.

Read what our members think of our Young GRAPPA program.

Our young members and more senior members alike all have a lot to learn from each other. Our Young GRAPPA program is a great way to get involved and learn from some of the best in the the fields of psoriasis (PsO) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

The proud feeling when you are called a doctor requires years and years of hard work.

Young GRAPPA Members: 86

Female/Male: 56/44

Derm/Rheum 23 (26.7%)/63 (73.3%)

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Y-GRAPPA Leadership

"Young-GRAPPA is an exceptional group of enthusiastic early career researchers on psoriatic disease. In our group we value the diversity of our membership in terms of medical specialization, scientific fields of expertise, gender as well as geographical and ethnical representation! Want to become a Y-GRAPPiAn? Don´t hesitate and get in contact with us!"

-Fabian Proft



<div class="teamCaption"><h2>Fabian Proft, Rheumatologist,
</h2><p>Chair</p><p class="location">Germany</p></div>

Fabian Proft



André Ribeiro

Chair Elect

<div class="teamCaption"><h2>Leonieke Van Mens

Leonieke van Mens

Past Chair

Governance Group

Y-GRAPPA strives to create a multidisciplinary working group consisting of rheumatologists, dermatologists, radiologists, epidemiologists, patient representatives, and others who wish to contribute to the statues of Y-GRAPPA. The governance group within Y-GRAPPA will be a bridge between the Y-GRAPPA and GRAPPA committees. It will develop dedicated bylaws, monitor the statutes of the Y-GRAPPA organization, and act in an advisory function. In this way, we will be able to make the executed procedures and projects efficient and contribute to the successful work of Y-GRAPPA and GRAPPA.



Education Group

One success of the GRAPPA organization to date has been the development of educational materials. Building on this work, the Y-GRAPPA education group will collaborate with the GRAPPA education group to cater educational activities to younger colleagues in the field, and to tailor educational material to the needs of the diverse groups within GRAPPA, including rheumatologists, dermatologists, radiologists, geneticists, methodologists, epidemiologists, and patient representatives. The education group aims to launch projects and programs with the mission to improve and standardize knowledge of PsO and PsA across the globe. The vision of our group is to lead the ongoing standard, high-quality practices in psoriatic disease (PsD) and to target future improvements.



Dermatology/Rheumatology Collaborative Group

In order to facilitate optimal care for patients with with PsO and/or PsA, collaboration is required between dermatology and rheumatology specialists. Through this working group, we aim to improve education in both specialist areas among healthcare professionals and enhance the communication and networking between these specialties. Promoting collaboration may not only aid in improving patient outcomes but also reinforce the concept of PsD as a multidisciplinary and complex condition, which will hopefully lead to the development of much-needed collaborative research projects.



Research Group

The purpose of the research subgroup is to stimulate new research projects in the field of PsD among young colleagues and to promote the implementation of new ideas and multidisciplinary collab- orations. With the support of other subgroups (especially the dermatology and rheumatology collaboration and networking subgroups), the aims of the Y-GRAPPA research team are to help foster international collaborations between young researchers with a specific interest in PsO and PsA, and to support Y-GRAPPA members applying to existing GRAPPA fellowships and research grants. Finally, we hope to contribute to narrowing the gender gap in psoriatic research.



Website Group

The website team will collate information about all Y-GRAPPA subgroups and will provide a connection between the Y-GRAPPA and parent GRAPPA communities, in collaboration with the social media group. The website will help give more visibility to Y-GRAPPA and GRAPPA. Moreover, the website will share all the projects and activities proposed by the organization, including educational, research, and networking, and will publish output from several groups, in close collaboration with the newsletter group. We will include useful information for any young clinicians and scientists with an interest in PsO and PsA, such as training resources, funding opportunities, and ongoing research projects.



Social Media Group

Social media has become one of the leading outlets for the rapid and widespread dissemination of information. With the proper use of this communication channel, we can inform Y-GRAPPA and GRAPPA members about the work that goes on inside the organization. Social media can help to raise awareness about the projects undertaken by GRAPPA, the progress made by the group, and the results of the conjoined efforts of all the members. These platforms will be used as tools to communicate accurate and trustworthy information about the recent advances in the research and assessment of PsO and PsA, magnifying the reach of the scientific output of GRAPPA and its members. Finally, social media provides a new space to promote engagement with GRAPPA, and to promote networking among its members.



Newsletter Group

The Y-GRAPPA newsletter will convey important information on behalf of GRAPPA and will summarize the activities and events of Y-GRAPPA and its subgroups. It will complement the activities of the social media and website groups by spreading the word about Y-GRAPPA and providing brief information in one place. The newsletter will also provide a means to inform the wider GRAPPA organization of the activities of enthusiastic Y-GRAPPA members.



Networking Group

The aim of the networking subgroup is to promote and support international collaborations between young clinicians/researchers and leading clinicians/researchers in the fields of PsO and PsA. It also encourages networking and the exchange of ideas between peers who are working in these fields. This will be done in several ways, including mentor–mentee and peer-to-peer meetings at the GRAPPA conferences, linking suitable mentors to mentees and suitable peers to each other based on their clinical/research interests and through the organization of social events.



How to Apply for Young GRAPPA Membership

A Step-by-Step Guide:

Complete the Application Form: Fill out the form with the required details. Ensure all information is accurate and complete.

Prepare a Short CV: Create a short Curriculum Vitae (CV) with your list of publications, ideally not exceeding two pages.

Submit Your Application: Email your completed application form and short CV, to [email protected]. Ensure that all documents are attached before sending.

Application Review: After submission, your application will be reviewed by the Young-GRAPPA committee. The review process typically takes a few weeks.

Await Notification: You will receive an email notification regarding the status of your application once the review process is complete.

Young-GRAPPA welcomes all professionals with an interest in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis research, education, and/or patient care. As a member, active participation and eagerness to actively participate in Young GRAPPA projects, collaborations, and discussions within our community is expected.

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Young GRAPPA Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, download and complete the Y-GRAPPA Membership Application Form. Email the filled form to [email protected], along with your short CV (including your publication list)..

To confirm the application, send the Application Form and a short CV with publication list to [email protected].

The review process typically takes a few weeks, but this timeframe can vary. We strive to respond as promptly as possible.


A concise, 2-page CV highlighting your key achievements and publication list is preferred.

Absolutely! If you're interested in joining a specific Subcommittee or have ideas you'd like to contribute, please mention these in your motivation statement. This information is very valuable to us.