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The Goal of the Young-GRAPPiAns initiative is to bring younger – and not yet well established – GRAPPA members closer to GRAPPA activities to boost networking between younger GRAPPA members and to motivate young colleagues to become involved in ongoing GRAPPA activities and to launch own projects in the future. Ultimately, this initiative will support the enrichment, expansion and dissemination of the numerous efforts supported by GRAPPA.

Definition of Young-GRAPPiAns 

  • ≤40 years of age OR within 5 years after finishing their fellowship/training
  • Open to full GRAPPA members who fulfill the criteria above or Early Career Members

Definition of Early Career Members:

  • Specific category of membership as laid out in the by-laws
  • Do not have vote for GRAPPA elections
  • Membership granted for 3 years with opportunity to renew or apply for full membership after this
  • Apply for Early Career Membership under the Membership tab/GRAPPA Early Career Membership.

Eligibility for Early Career membership:

  • Interest in psoriasis or PsA
  • Nomination by one GRAPPA member (e.g. supervisor)
  • Potential member to submit a CV

Structure of Young-GRAPPiAns:

  • Open to all Young-GRAPPiAns
  • Within the group, one President and Vice-President will be appointed to lead the group (while an international and geographical representation within the Young-GRAPPiAns leadership will be taken into account)
  • The President/VP will also attend as voting members the Steering Committee, leading and coordinating the different Young-GRAPPiAns activities and will liaise with the representatives on the GRAPPA committees.
  • Young-GRAPPiAns will invite or nominate members to represent Young-GRAPPA on each of the existing GRAPPA committees

1. Education; 2. Research; 3. Collaboration-Rheum/Derm; 4. Newsletter; 5. Social-Media; 6. Website; 7. Governance

If interested, fill out the following application (click here) and submit it to: [email protected]. Direct any questions to this same email.