Q: What if I am a member of GRAPPA and have forgotten my password?
A.  Please use the forgotten password function on the homepage.

Q: I am a lay person, not a doctor. Can I join GRAPPA?
A: One representative from each country patient advocacy organization may join GRAPPA. Since this position is taken already for most major countries, we suggest you join organizations for lay people interested in learning more about psoriatic arthritis.  In the US, please visit the National Psoriasis Foundation. Internationally, a good resource is the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations.

Q: How is GRAPPA supported? Can representatives from pharmaceutical companies join GRAPPA?
A: Persons employed by Industry may not apply for regular membership. However, industry representatives may attend programs as sponsor /corporate members.  We are deeply appreciative of industry support, which is yearly and enables those working for our corporate members to attend our events.  Industry companies may join GRAPPA as Gold Leaders ($75,000/year dues) or Platinum Leaders ($100,000/year dues). Other dues levels may be negotiated for start-up biotechnology companies not able to afford the Gold level or for larger multi-national firms wishing to contribute more to GRAPPA. Contact [email protected] for more information and a fact sheet on additional benefits of corporate membership.
Q: Does GRAPPA charge dues?
A: No dues are charged to regular (core) members at this time.
Q: I’m a doctor or ARNP who treats psoriatic arthritis patients. How do I join?
A: Prospective members must submit a membership application via the online application form. To be accepted to membership, you must have two current GRAPPA members recommend you for membership. You will also be asked for a short one or two page version of your CV once you have applied.
Q: What are the benefits and responsibilities of membership?
A: Members are kept apprised of current research and data relating to diagnosis, treatment and pathogenesis of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. They are asked to contribute to research in these areas. Members are also available to participate in meetings held adjacent to rheumatology and dermatology meetings.  Inactive members who have not attended meetings, served on committees or otherwise contributed volunteer time to GRAPPA will be asked to become active or drop membership after three years.

Q: Does GRAPPA allow indirect costs to be applied to their research grants?
A: No. GRAPPA does not allow for any indirect or overhead costs to be applied to any of the grants we award.