Executive Committee
April Armstrong, Co-President Oliver FitzGerald, Co-President Arthur Kavanaugh, Co-Vice President
Joseph Merola, Co-Vice President Kristina Callis Duffin, Immediate Past President Philip Mease, Treasurer
Vinod Chandran, At Large    


Administration Committee
Kristina Callis Duffin Philip Helliwell Judi Pickell


Governance Committee
This committee oversees the bylaws for the GRAPPA organization.
A.O. Adebajo, Co-Chair Philip Helliwell, Co-Chair Maarten de Wit
Ingrid Steinkoenig    


Education Committee
Plan joint rheumatology - dermatology continuing medical education symposia.
Philip Mease, Co-Chair Amit Garg, Co-Chair Ade Adebajo
Kristina Callis Duffin Vinod Chandran Jeffrey Chau
Philip Helliwell Elaine Husni Arnon Katz
Katy, Ling Ling Leung Ashish Mathew Luis Puig
Enrique Soriano Kurt de Vlam  


Finance/Development Committee
Working with the executive director and the treasurer, this committee suggests new source of revenue and keeps general tabs on income and expenditures via twice-yearly reports from the organization’s records in QuickBooks.
Arthur Kavanaugh, Co-Chair Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair
Philip Mease Chris Lindsay


Imaging Committee
Imaging includes two main components: ultrasound and MRI. Each subcommittee works to establish standards for imaging exams with regards to diagnosis and treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis.
Gurjit Kaeley, Co-Chair Mikkel Ostergaard, Co-Chair
Walter Maksymowych Heidi Bertheussen


Imaging Committee: Ultrasound
Gurjit Kaeley, Chair Sibel Aydin
Catherine Bakewell  Lihi Eder


Imaging Committee: Whole-Body MRI
Walter Maksymowych, Co-Chair Mikkel Ostergaard, Co-Chair


Meeting Planning
Executive Committee


Membership Committee
Evaluates the broad rules governing GRAPPA membership and changes them if needed. If a prospective member does not meet all of the criteria for membership, an appeal for a decision on that person’s suitability for membership may be brought before the membership manager.
Vinod Chandran, Co-Chair Cheryl Rosen, Co-Chair

 Chris Lindsay

Rodrigo Firmino  Ashish Mathew  
GRAPPA-OMERACT Core Set Steering Committee
Leads development of a GRAPPA-OMERACT core outcome measurement set for psoriatic arthritis clinical trials.
Dafna Gladman,
Co-Chair for North America
"Katy", Ling Ling Leung,
Co-Chair for Austral-Asia
Ana-Maria Orbai, Co-Chair
Co-Chair for North America
William Tillett,
Co-Chair for Europe
Laura Coates Maarten de Wit
Oliver FitzGerlad Niti Goel

Chris Lindsay

Philip Mease Alexis Ogdie

Vibeke Strand

Patient Research Partners
The Patient Research Partner group seeks to fight psoriatic disease and improve patient quality of life by working with others in GRAPPA towards shared goals and projects, while contributing the important patient perspective and experience.
Ingrid Steinkoenig, Chair Arnon Katz, Chair-Elect Kristina Callis Duffin
Arthur Kavanaugh    
Professional Development
More inward-focused than the Education Committee, this committee works to promote programming for GRAPPA members to learn about new discoveries, techniques and opportunities that will support the goal of state-of-the-art care for patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and to support the development of future psoriasis and PsA focused dermatologists and rheumatologists. This may be through meeting content (Annual Meeting and Adjacent-to meetings), newsletters and email messages to the membership.  
Alexis Ogdie, Co-Chair Cheryl Rosen, Co-Chair Enrique Soriano
Publications Committee
Oversees publication of the annual GRAPPA insert in the Journal of Rheumatology. Has input on other potential publications such as the Trainee abstracts being published in the National Psoriasis Foundation’s journal and others.
Dafna Gladman, Co-Chair Alice Gottlieb, Co-Chair Niti Goel, Co-Chair
Research Committee
Promotes research within GRAPPA and forges collaborative partnerships for research projects where appropriate.
Oliver FitzGerald, Co-Chair Paulo Gisondi, Co-Chair

Vinod Chandran

Kurt de Vlam Dafna Gladman Philip Helliwell
Philip Mease Christopher Ritchlin April Armstrong
Heidi Bertheussen Maarten de Wit Niti Goel
John Latella Denis O'Sullivan Stefan Siebert
Lihi Eder    
Rheumatology-Dermatology Combined Clinics
Fosters combined, collaborative rheumatology-dermatology clinics/centers as well as local/regional community partnerships to advance patient care and research within the unique models. 
Joseph Merola, Co-Chair Jose Scher, Co-Chair  Alison Ehrlich
John Latella    
Slide Project
This committee sources educational slides in PowerPoint, updated every two years, and made available to members via the GRAPPA website.
Philip Helliwell, Co-Chair Wolf-Henning Boehncke, Co-Chair
Niti Goel Jeffrey Chau
Steering Committee
A.O. Adebajo April Armstrong Kristina Callis Duffin
Vinod Chandran Atul Deodhar Lihi Eder
Oliver FitzGerald Dafna Gladman Alice Gottlieb
Philip Helliwell Elaine Husni Deepak Jadon
Arnon Katz Arthur Kavanaugh Ennio Lubrano
Philip Mease Joseph Merola Peter Nash
Alexis Ogdie Denis Poddubnyy Luis Puig
Christopher Ritchlin Cheryl Rosen Laura Savage
Claudia Schainberg Jose Scher Stefan Siebert
Ingrid Steinkoenig Vibeke Strand  William Tillett
Fabian Proft Leonieke van Mens  
Training Modules
The Training Modules Committee is responsible for facilitating development and delivery of the online educational training modules for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis assessments.
Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair April Armstrong, Co-Chair Joseph Merola, Co-Chair
Dafna Gladman Philip Helliwell Arthur Kavanaugh
Philip Mease Chris Lindsay  
Treatment Recommendations Committee
The treatment recommendations committee is responsible for organizing the process and conduct of GRAPPA’s periodic development of PsA treatment recommendations, which are updated every few years as new evidence for current and emerging medicines becomes available.
Laura Coates, Co-Chair Arthur Kavanaugh,  Co-Chair Enrique Soriano, Co-Chair
Christopher Ritchlin, Co-Chair Denis O'Sullivan Ingrid Steinkoenig
Philip Mease    
Website Committee
The website committee is responsible for organizing and developing GRAPPA’s website, interactive training modules and mobile application (“app”).
Laura Coates, Co-Chair Kristina Callis Duffin, Co-Chair Judi Pickell
Philip Mease Peter Nash Denis O'Sullivan
Ingrid Steinkoenig    
Fabian Proft, Chair Leonieke van Mens, Co-Chair David Simon, Governance
Gizem Ayan, Education Hanna Johnson, Newsletter Sebastian Herrera, Social Media
Alla Ishenko, Research Arani Vivekjanantham, Networking Roxana Coras, Website
Dmitri Luz, Derm/Rheum Collaboration Hannah Jethwa,  Derm/Rheum Collaboration